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Price $1,195.00

Unit of measure each
Price does not include local taxes, shipping, or installation.

Please contact your Haas Factory Outlet for details.
Available for machines built after Jan 2000


Save time and increase your throughput by running at higher rpm and increased feedrates. Save money by eliminating the need for expensive coolant, and all of its associated costs and time-wasting hassles. Modern tools with special coatings, like titanium aluminum nitride (TiAlN), can run at much higher speeds and feedrates than the typical tool you may be using today on your Haas machine. But those special coatings need to run without coolant (dry machining), and there is a trade-off: You still need to get the chips out of the way or you’ll damage the tool and mar the surface finish. Since these high-speed tools need to run dry, how do you get the chips – and heat – away from the tool?
The Haas Automatic Air Gun (AAG) option is the perfect solution. AAG supplies high-pressure / high-flow air through an adjustable cylinder and retractable tube barrel that you aim directly at the tool’s cutting edge. AAG provides a constant air blast to the cutting tool to clear chips safely and automatically during dry machining, or to blow chips and coolant out of deep pockets. AAG is also good for cutting non-metallic materials where coolant can’t be used. Activated by M code, the air blast can be programmed to turn on while the spindle is turning, or at the end of a cycle.
•  Fully integrated with Haas control
•  Activated by M-code or manually
•  Easily adjustable; single adjustment point
•  Reduces/replaces cutting with coolant
•  Clears chips from being recut
•  Good for cutting non-metallic materials where coolant can’t be used
•  MQL can be added later
•  Reduces maintenance, compared to coolant system