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VMC Wireless Probing Option
Price $6,295.00

Unit of measure each
Price does not include local taxes, shipping, or installation.

Please contact your Haas Factory Outlet for details.
Requires mill software M14.05 or later


Stop wasting time setting up your CNC machine the old-fashioned way. Set up your Haas mill up to 5 times faster using the Haas Wireless Intuitive Probing System (WIPS). WIPS saves time and money by guiding the operator through the job set-up process with easy-to-use templates. WIPS has the ability to define work offset coordinates, set tool length offsets, and perform in-process inspection within the program, for both part inspection and tool breakage detection. WIPS is the single best productivity improvement you can add to your Haas mill.
• Fully integrated with the Haas control
• Easy to understand and use tool and work setting cycles
• Can be used for in-process inspection, tool breakage detection, and tool wear protection
• Includes Spindle Orientation, User-Definable Macros, and Coordinate Rotation and Scaling control options
• Drastically reduces set-up time – up to 5X faster than setting offsets manually
• No knowledge of G-code or macro programming needed
• Can reduce scrap by monitoring tool wear and breakage
• Fully automatic tool setting cycles
• Saves operator time by allowing multi-tasking during tool setting