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Part Number 93-30-9744B
Requires install by HFO
Regular Sales Price $16,995.00 (If replaced part is not returned) Exchange Price $15,995.00
(If replaced part is returned)

Unit of measure each
Price does not include local taxes, shipping, or installation.

Please contact your Haas Factory Outlet for details.
This is a Core Exchange item. The Exchange Price listed above requires the return of the replaced part to your Haas Factory Outlet. If the replaced part is not returned within 14 days of replacement, the customer is responsible for paying the Regular Sales Price.

To make sure this is the correct part for your machine, use the machine's serial number to narrow the search.

CALM stands for Consolidated Air Lube Manifold.  Machines that have this can be identified by the sheet metal cabinet at the rear of the machine where the air connects to your machine.  This cabinet contains the various solenoids that run all the air operated devices needed by your particular machine.

Prior to CALM, the solenoids that ran the mechanisms would be mounted near those devices instead of in a centralized location.

Parts that start with “93-” may contain some quantity of remanufactured parts.

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