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Part Number 93-1964

Unit of measure each
Price does not include local taxes, shipping, or installation.

Please contact your Haas Factory Outlet for details.


Stop wasting valuable machine time removing chips by hand from your Haas mill. The Haas Chip Auger will do the job for you, and at a very low cost. Our auger-style chip conveyor automatically removes chips from the machine, while compressing them and wringing out the coolant. The system uses smart-sensing technology to automatically reverse if a jam occurs.
• Activated by M-code, or with a button on the Haas control
• Programmable start and stop times for efficient operation
• Design minimizes coolant carryout, saving you money on expensive coolant
• Discharges at a height that allows chips to be collected in a chip bin
• Auger automatically reverses if a jam occurs
• Saves valuable shop labor
• Minimizes power consumption of the auger
• Machine stays running – no downtime to stop and clean out chips
• Compresses chips, saving space in the chip bin
• Provides chip straining – chips collect throughout the length of the auger, and the coolant passes through
• Keeps coolant tank free of chips
• Keeps the inside of the machine clean and free of chips