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Price $1,495.00

Unit of measure each
Price does not include local taxes, shipping, or installation.

Please contact your Haas Factory Outlet for details.
Not available for TLs, TMs, OMs, and OLs


A hot and sticky shop environment can be a once-in-a-while thing for some shops, or a common situation for others. It depends on where you are and what time of year it is. For some Haas owners, it can be a year-round issue. Beyond the uncomfortable situation for humans, a hot shop means an elevated heat level in the machine’s control cabinet. That heat can shorten the life of many electrical components. Cooling the electronics in the cabinet can reduce many problems, and extend the lifespan of the components. But how do you do it?
For most shops, central air conditioning is just not practical. The age-old solution is to open the control cabinet door and aim a fan into it, but this not a good idea. Leaving the control cabinet open allows the fan to blow hot, dirty, humid air directly onto the electronics, and the cooling effect is minimal – at best. But we have the solution.
Forget the Fan
We have a simple, affordable solution. The Haas CNC Control Cabinet Cooler is a fully integrated air conditioning unit for your Haas machine. It provides reliable cooling for your Haas control electronics, eliminating downtime due to heat, dirt, and gunk. Keeping the electronics in your cabinet cool boosts reliability and increases the life of the components. Haas CabCool is a factory-installed option that mounts directly to the control cabinet door. The A/C unit ships separately, and is installed by your HFO. CabCool is for three-phase machines only, but does not require an external power source.
NOTE: You can add CabCool to your existing three-phase Haas machine, if it was built after 2007. The field-installed option includes a modified control cabinet door, the A/C unit, wiring, and hardware, and is identical the factory-installed system.
• Maintains cabinet temperature ~ 20°F (7° C) cooler
• A/C unit is powered by the control; no external power source required
• No change required to the door swing clearance
• Includes a replacement control cabinet door, the A/C unit, wiring, and hardware
• Keeps the control cabinet cool with the door closed
• Maintains cabinet temperature ~ 20°F (7° C) cooler
• Extends the life of the control
PROCEDURE CabCool Installation